How to avoid losing money from the Blind in poker online?

It becomes even more difficult on no-limit tables to resist from playing blind. As in a no-limit game, many players tend to start with a small blind. And it becomes a matter of pride for a few on a no-limit table to play blinds. But playing blind can be very tricky. And if you do not understand the tactic or you do not have the skill to read your opponents. It can cost you a hell lot of money in no limit poker online. We agree that in a traditional setting wherein you have peer pressure to show your bankroll players get carried away. As a result players play blinds even without any strategy. But it is not understandable why some online poker player does it as well.


If someone plays a big blind then another half to put half of the money without seeing their hands. And it becomes a positional disadvantage for many. These factors are almost impossible to overcome. And irrespective of the skills you have you tend to lose money in the long run.


In this article, we are coming up with few steps that can minimize your losses from blind. And in turn, it can increase your chances to win at situs online poker.

  • Steal the show as you only require beating one player and pot will be yours. This is an exciting opportunity worth taking the risk.
  • You should not try to defend your small blind like you do to save your monstrous bet.
  • You can try betting Your Entire Continue Range
  • You should look out for the key player in the Big Blind bet in poker online
  • If you are playing with a limited bankroll, then do not try to lead the session


Therefore, we suggest our readers to keep the steps in mind while playing blind in poker online. These steps would help you save a lot of money which you can lose due to unavoidable situations in the game.

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