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Environmentally Safe Ways to Remove Weeds

The purchase of a newly constructed house in a country setting presents landscaping challenges to clear land of weeds and other unwanted growth. Clearing the land of its weeds requires different strategies which are not required when purchasing a house in a suburban area with its well established and manicured lawn. Buy Marijuana Online

The excitement of having built your house to fit your needs and desires allows for your ideas of landscaping to unfold. I tend to be an adventurous soul and will try to do most everything myself, however, if you are not willing to be experimental and getting your hands dirty with mother earth’s soil; then it is best to hire a professional landscape designer.

A clean slate of land

A clean slate of land around Buy Marijuana Online a new home construction site will need additional clearing and refining. The construction crew has cleared the land of the large trees, much overgrown shrubbery, weeds, and grasses, as well as trash which was dumped on the land by people not going to the landfills.

Plan landscaping ideas

Be prepared to research, study, and Marijuana Strains have an objective view of how you want your property to look as it accents the new architectural lines of the house. Take time to plan your landscaping. Lack of planning will cause loss of time and money.

Locate wires and pipes

Before starting the process of digging, I recommend that you note the location of wires and pipes which surround the house. Mark these utilities with small flags or sticks to prevent accidents. A gushing water pipe, no wiring for electricity for cooking and viewing television at day’s end will be a negative reminder of the shovel or the pick which were wickedly destructive in your hands.

Remove roots

Digging, hoeing, raking, and tilling to clear land of weeds is a lot of work, but it is worth the effort to have every weed removed from its roots. Killing sprays will not be enough. You want permanent removal and it may take a few times before you are able to truly have your weeds cleared. Remind yourself that this is virgin property which has not been tilled by man.

The land may have been cleared by the construction crew; however, seeds from the plants which were removed have dropped on the land and are going to grow again. Set aside Buy Weed Online USA your local gymnasium membership, you will be getting a lot of exercise and muscle-building wrestling with Mother Nature.

First aid

Wear gloves. Along with weeds there are critters. There are all types of crawling and flying insects, toads and frogs, and snakes which will be uncovered. A first aid kit should be within reach. Vinegar is a great first aid for bee stings or to remove itchiness from insect bites.

Shoveling and tilling

If shoveling is too difficult for you, rent or purchase a tiller and uproot all the weeds. Let me emphasize, you need to remove the weeds by the roots. Weeds will continue to grow from their roots or their seeds.

Death sentence

Virgin property will need to be cleared several times. There is no one time miracle. After clearing the land, prepare the soil by raking the area, which will help to rid of more weeds and debris.


The Benefits of a Quality Burr Coffee Grinder

If you want great tasting coffee, sooner or later you’re going to have to consider buying a coffee grinder.

The problem with buying ground coffee is that it starts to lose it’s flavor and can go stale in as little as fifteen minutes. Who knows how long it was sitting on the shelf before you bought and brought it home, so the taste results can be hit and miss, to say the least.

There’s two basic types – Blade and Burr grinders.

Blade Grinders

They use a chopping method to ใบเจียร  grind the beans into grounds. They’re inexpensive, but their can have low quality results. The level of consistency can vary and for the best taste results, you want consistent grinds. There’s even the possibility of getting a burnt taste because of friction caused by the blades and beans.

However, they are easy to clean and maintain, so they’re good for basic use and still an improvement over buying regular ground coffee at the grocery store.

Burr Grinders

There’s two different kinds of Burr Grinders.

Flat Wheel

This is considered to be one of the better methods of grinding coffee. The beans are crushed between one semi-concave wheel and one that is stationary. The discs spin slower than with a blade grinder, so the grounds are more even and there’s no burnt taste.

Of course, there are some drawbacks. They can be a pain to clean and they can get very messy. They can also be very noisy. Some models also have problems with beans getting jammed between the hopper and the grinding area below, requiring extra effort to unjam them.


Conical grinders are the best of the best, however they are also the most expensive. However, if you have the budget for one and love great tasting coffee, they’re a very good investment.

They use a conical (cone) shaped grinding device which results in a more consistent grind. They also spin slower than either of the two methods. The result is that there’s less problems with friction and static electricity, which causes grinds to get stuck. Therefore, they’re a lot easier to clean. They also, don’t usually have problems with clogging. Maybe the best benefit is that they’re usually the quietest of all of the methods.


DUNGENESS CRAB – A BAY AREA TRADITION in 2020 total information


Dungeness Crab is the largest fishery on the West Coast, dating back to 1848 San Francisco when Crab was plentiful within the Bay.  With no seasons or regulations, the crabs slowly became harder and harder to catch, by the early 1930’s crab could only be caught outside of the Golden Gate Bridge.  By that time Crab, fishermen had started to organize and form the Crab Fishermen’s Protective Association which consisted of over 300 crab boats.  The Association gave the fishermen some much-needed protection and organization, preventing them from being taken advantage of.  In the mid-1930s the Association set up off the boat sails to the general public in order to combat the low prices that they were being offered by wholesalers.  Crab fishermen didn’t see any real recognition or respect until the mid-1950’s when a Sicilian immigrant and crab salesman named Sam Alioto and his family began to dominate San Francisco politics.  The Alioto’s established Dungeness Crab as a San Francisco staple.  Crab fishing continues to be a tradition that the entire Bay Area prepares for every November when family and friends set dates to get together and feast on our local treasure.

Our Crab:

Our Dungeness Crab is all sourced from local, small, day boats out of Santa Cruz, Half Moon Bay, and Bodega Bay. They are all sorted on the boat and only the largest-sized crabs are set aside for us, so you always know you are getting the biggest, meatiest, and freshest crabs on the market. All of our crabs are cooked the morning of delivery. We offer them whole and cracked and cleaned. Live crabs are available on special occasions (Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years) or with an order minimum and specific delivery instructions – please email us if you are interested.

Is Dungeness available all year?

Unfortunately not!  Our local Dungeness season is usually open from mid-November (this year November 15th) until June; however, in recent years we have had more and more closures throughout the season.  Two major issues cause closures of the crab season: algae blooms and protests overpricing.

Algae blooms are naturally occurring and usually predictable; however, sometimes an unexpected bloom will come close to threatening our crab, so preemptive measures are taken to close the season until the bloom has passed and crab is safe to eat.

The second issue threatening our Crab fishery centres around pricing disputes between processors and crab fishermen.  These protests usually take place during the busiest time of the season over 25 cents per pound.  The protests may seem frustrating; however, they are the result of crab fishermen organizing to ensure that they are getting a fair return for putting their life on the line – a tradition dating back to the mid-1930s.

The Details

Dungeness Crab can be found outside of the Golden Gate Bridge (no crab fishing allowed in the Bay) from shallow depths to hundreds of feet deep.  Female crabs can lay up to 2.5 million eggs and can live up to 6 years, whereas males can live up to 12 years, and only males can be harvested.  They are carnivores that feed on over 40 different sea species including clams, oysters, shrimp, and worms.  Catching these guys is simple – they are caught using baited trap pots that are connected to a long line and buoy.  The traps rest along the ocean floor until crabs are lured into the cage.  They are then pulled up to the boat and (hopefully!) they are full of crab!  Once all the pots are gathered and baited again, the boats return home.  From there the crabs are brought to the docks, loaded in a refrigerated van, delivered (just 1 hour!) to our kitchen, cooked, packaged, and delivered in less than 24 hours!





The illegal trade in black caviar total information


The trade-in caviar has a rich and colorful history, influenced over thousands of years by many cultures, societies, and in the last decades by regulation. The value of caviar is historically discovered in the context of social change, political relationships, and environmental change. The role of organized crime is described, as the scarcity of caviar has offered the unique opportunity to fish illegally, smuggle, and trade contraband to mainly European countries with millions in profits. This study highlights that these criminal networks manifest themselves at all levels of the trade: from the poaching areas where organized criminal groups cooperate with law enforcers and possess top-notch equipment to major smuggling operations in the hands of sophisticated criminal networks. Although due to overexploitation ‘wild caviar’ is increasingly difficult to obtain, the demand in the context of exclusivity and scarcity remains intact by the upper-class society’s desire for edible gold.


‘Today there is no legal Russian caviar in Europe Footnote1; ‘Caviar without rules Footnote 2; ‘Black caviar will disappear, but only for the poor and the honest’ Footnote3; ‘There will never be black caviar again, ever’.Footnote4 These were some of the headlines regarding illegal sturgeon fishing in Russia and illegal caviar exports to Europe that appeared in Russian newspapers over the past ten years. There are suspicions that 90 percent of the caviar currently being sold is extracted from illegally caught sturgeon (Nelleman et al. 2014). Prices in Western Europe range from 2000 or 6000 euros per kilo, to sometimes 25000 euros per kilo for extremely rare varieties (Liddick 2011: 77–78; Neve et al. 2012: 34). Some authors suggest that a mysterious and violent so-called ‘caviar mafia’ makes huge profits from this illegal trade (e.g. Sellar 2014).

For a long time, criminologists paid little attention to environmental crimes. This slowly changed in the 1990s and 2000s when several criminologists started to study green crimes, including wildlife-related crimes. On the one hand, criminologists approached the wildlife trade by applying an extended harm-based model (e.g. Wyatt 2013; Sollund 2013). Due to the fact that definitions of crime may alter over the course of time in the context of changing norms and morals, these criminologists suggest that wildlife crimes and harms that are not (yet) criminalized by law should be studied. Besides (social) anthropocentric harms (e.g. Hillyard et al. 2004), green criminologists extend the harm principle with species and ecosystems as victims of (human) actions in general and the symbiosis between man and nature in particular (South 1998; White 2008, 2011).

On the other hand, criminologists have focussed on the wildlife trade by approaching it from environmental criminological models (e.g. Pires and Moreto 2011; Petrossian and Clarke 2014). These frameworks originate from criminologists (e.g. Clarke 1983) who argue that crime is influenced by environmental factors. Situational circumstances can offer opportunities or limitations for committing crimes. From this perspective the focus is on the event in order to understand and explain the crime, but also items are attractive to be stolen for their enjoyable, valuable, and concealable features (Moreto and Lemieux 2014).

The present study answers the call for empirical research on wildlife crimes as insights into this type of crime are extremely limited and only very few criminological studies have focussed on this research field. This study aims to contribute to criminological research on wildlife crimes by exploring the illegal trade in caviar as one specific case study from a research project on the illegal wildlife trade that started in 2012.Footnote5 Given the exploratory objectives of the present study, the primary data was collected and used from a grounded theory approach. This is an inductive and iterative strategy that results in the construction of theories or concepts from ‘within the data themselves’ (Charmaz 2006: 2). The purpose of this study is twofold: firstly, to analyze how criminal networks operate along the whole ‘pipeline’ of the illegal trade in caviar and, secondly, to consider the social, economic, and environmental contexts and consequences of their activities are. This study thereby contributes to both criminological and conservation science literature and provides a basis for future research on wildlife crimes. The article starts with a brief overview of the social construction of the value of caviar and regulation and criminalization issues. Then the main findings of our study will be presented and the article will be concluded with a discussion.


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Online Betting Tips

The convenience of the internet is not only limited now to sharing information and online shopping, it has also opened a lot of opportunities online such as making good money in betting. Indeed, there are a lot of ways to make money online but if you are an enthusiast of sports betting or the likes, you can learn some online betting tips and make money in betting online.

If you are interested in making money on betting online, here are a few tips to help you minimize risks and become successful in it. The key to be successful in betting and gambling, whether you are doing it online or in offline is to minimize your losses. Indeed, you have to accept that in betting you can lose some and win some, and making your losses at a minimum would be a good way in making money out of it.

Learn everything you can about the rules and how the game is played before putting your money on it. The more you know about the game, the more you can make a successful strategy to be successful in making money in online betting. Whether you are betting on a horse racing, boxing or an online 스포츠토토 roulette, it is very basic that if you are familiar with the game or the sports, you will get a much better choice of where you will bet.

Only wager an amount that you are willing to lose. One of the important points that you have to keep in mind in betting and in other very risky business like stock trading or forex trading is to wager only the amount that you ware willing to lose. With this, you will be safe from losing everything that you have.

Also one of the most important online betting tips that you have to keep in mind is to always be disciplined. Most people who are successful in these types of moneymaking ventures are those who can discipline themselves especially with regard to betting and especially when they experience a series of losses. Losing is a big part on online betting and gambling in general and you have to learn to control yourself when you lose. Stick to your betting strategy that works and know when to stop especially if you rally need to stop to avoid losing more.

With this, you have to pace yourself as well not to play too fast. Learn to play at a pace that is comfortable with you. This will also allow you to enjoy your money more if you can make bets for quite a time than playing too fast and stopping right then as your cash depletes. A properly paced betting will also help you make good decisions in your betting and allows you to study your bets more for higher likelihood of winning.

Why is caviar so expensive (step by step)?


At first glance, one may wonder how one can search for such humble fish eggs, but true caviar is considered one of the best delicacies and one of the most expensive foods in the world, with a namesake dating back to Aristotle, Marco Polo and Other explorers of this type became immortal in our history books. Caviar has long been synonymous with the luxurious way of life.


True caviar captures the epitome of slow food movement. It is the perfect storm of evolution and innovation. It is one of the oldest delicacies in the world. But few have unraveled the secret behind the fountain, so today we address the question: why is caviar so expensive?


The fountain; A waiting game

To understand the rare and refined nature of black sea pearls, you must first return to the art of production. The best caviar in the world comes from the endangered species of the beluga sturgeon. The sturgeon caviar is one of the oldest anadromous creatures found in the cold crystal clear waters of the Caspian Sea. A late-maturing mammoth fish, the female beluga sturgeon can live 118 years and does not produce fish eggs for a cycle of at least 18 years. Farmers who commit to getting expensive food from beluga caviar are locked in a waiting game


Sturgeon; An endangered species

Beluga caviar has been in demand for a long time, centuries of imports and exports have made sturgeon fish an endangered species, especially in Iran’s Caspian Sea sturgeon’s preferred playground. In 2010, when the sturgeon population was reclassified and added to the endangered list, heavy production stopped and Iran had to place national controls on the industry.


Now, the production of beluga caviar was not only extremely slow due to the natural cycle of the sturgeon fish, but production restrictions and tight import and export controls caused further shortages.



The Caspian Sea; Under strict duress

In an attempt to keep supply and demand high, other countries will try to grow their own beluga sturgeons, waiting for their own onyx egg bloom. However, the brackish conditions native to the Caspian Sea of Iran cannot reproduce on remote fish farms in Florida or China, and the result will often be from lower controls.


Wild fishing for the beluga sturgeon has suffered massive repression, but Iran remains a place where sustainable agricultural conditions are as close to wild fishing as the industry can hope. Highly encoded sturgeon species are raised legally and under strict duress on the shores of the Caspian Sea until the female roe are ready for natural harvest.


The investment; Iran’s Most Precious Export


The caviar farms that dot the coast are heavily regulated and backed by government revenue. There is no place for experimentation in this market: quality is everything. This high level of investment raises value, and caviar has become Iran’s most expensive export, even dwarfing global oil power. Iranian caviar has become a dynasty, with the Michelin community committed to sourcing Iranian when it comes to the legendary elixir ingredient.





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Fantasy Football Impact Draft Tips


The primary thing I would recommend before going into your dream football draft is to get your work done. What I mean by that is, stay up with the latest with wounds and different occasions that may keep a player from playing. The second and most significant thing you can do is go over your association rules and settings. What most dream football players neglect to do is go over these principles and settings than wonder why they bombed so wretchedly toward the year’s end.

I as of late joined a class that had a beginning list of 1 QB, 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 flex position (QB,WR,RB,TE),1 K,1 DEF and 5 seat spots. It was additionally granting 1pt for each 10 yds and 6 pts for TD’s on kick and punt returns and on def/exceptional groups. I realized this implied we would be beginning 2 QB’s, since this is the most point creating position.

I had the second pick in the draft in a 12 group class. With my initial 3 picks I drafted 3 QB’s: Aaron Rodgers, Brett Favre, Joe Flacco. Than I utilized my next 4 picks I got 2 WR and 2 RB: Joshua Cribbs, Darren Sproles, Matt Forte, Terrell Owens. The remainder of my picks in adjusts 8 through 14 went this way: Jacoby Jones, Visanthe Shiancoe, Leon Washington, Brandon Pettigrew, Cincinnati, Cleveland, David Akers. Presently I realize this probably won’t appear as though an incredible group to some of you, yet dependent on our association settings for anticipated dream focuses. I have 3 of the best 15 QB’s, 2 of the best 10 RB’s and WR’s and the ข่าวบอล number 2 and 3 DEF. At the point when I take a gander at the week after week matchups, I’m anticipated to win every one by at least 25 pts.

Indeed I can’t indicate enough that it is so imperative to do your examination and realize your alliance rules and settings, since in the end, in dream football, it’s not about who has the most whiz players but instead who has the most point delivering players. Well that is it until further notice. I’ll keep everybody refreshed with regards to how my group is getting along and Good Luck To You All.




What to Look For in an Online Gambling Website

There are actually several web based betting locales so individuals will unquestionably make some hard memories settling on what specific site to utilize and play in. Since gaming locales are not made similarly, there will definitely be some that are more best than others. Presently, in the event that you don’t have any thought what things you have to search for in a web based gaming or sports wagering site, you should begin by acclimating ไฮไลท์ฟุตบอล yourself with the essential highlights of web based betting sites. You will understand that every one of them were assembled utilizing a similar innovation and that can assist you with unwinding their puzzle. Peruse on.

Something that you have to search for in an internet betting site is the accessibility of different games and exercises. In a real gambling club, there are different games to bet in. This is one of the fundamental reasons why individuals are pulled in to gaming foundations. In this manner, in the event that you are searching for a web based gaming webpage, it would truly be a smart thought to locate the one that offers you a wide assortment of games. Regardless of whether the primary site is on sports wagering, for instance, it would truly be simpler for you if the site additionally gives connects to different club games, for example, poker or roulette.

On the Internet, security and wellbeing of the site ought to consistently be a need. You don’t need any programmer or digital criminal to get hold of your own data, for example, government disability number, birthday and other information. Consequently, ensure that you look at the notoriety of the web based betting website just as the safety efforts it gives its players. At the point when you are sending pivotal data about yourself on the Internet, the information ought to be encoded. In this way, you ought to likewise search for encryption framework in a gaming site. Additionally, check the security strategy of the site. To abstain from getting spam messages, you ought to guarantee that the site won’t use or sell the data that you gave them to an outsider.

For your benefit, you ought to likewise search for a web based gaming website that can furnish you with various installment techniques. In the event that you don’t have a charge card, you ought to have the option to pay through cash moves or other online installment frameworks. Coincidentally, there are likewise a few organizations that give free money rewards when you sign in to their site. Along these lines, you may likewise need to think about this.